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Wayne Freeman is our lead guy. With 16 years experience in the digital industry he has worked as tea boy, designer, developer, project manager, Director/owner of print and digital media agencies for all of that time. He was worked with clients in many sectors and across all business contexts from Corporate to SME and Charity to local government.

Surrounding himself with a team of talented individuals, he seeks to understand and deliver solutions for clients' needs and work with them at the deepest level to build enduring relationships that produce success and results in business. In short, with a wealth of experience and a great deal of skill, Wayne *loves* to help his clients ..."no satisfaction like a job WELL done and an ecstatic client!"

Having built all manner of websites and marketing campaigns helping clients over many many years, Wayne saw the need for a solution that brought together many key business requirements that 90% of businesses engage and battle with: emarketing, ecommerce, easy content management of the business website and behind it a customer database to bring it altogether - in other words a seamless unit of business tools located online, without the cost to redevelop from scratch and accesible at any time to save time and cost. In 2008, he found this in BC fulfilled all these requirements and promptly became a Premium Partner.

Wayne also trades as Fractal Creative, producing high quality marketing material and publications including corporate Annual Reports, journals and newsletters. Wayne continues to bring together teams working with a special focus within the insurance industry producing annual reports for companies such as Anglo American, Arcadia Group, BBA Aviation, The Prudential, Centrica and others.

In his spare time, Wayne loves to listen to music and to make music.

Wayne lives with his wife and two children in Woking, Surrey. is a trading name of Fractal Creative.